For  OPTIMAL  RESULTS:  Please have your child respond Out Loud  Interactively — to Mr. B’s promptings throughout this program, proceeding through the Tutorial clips of the TUTORIALS Drop-Down from INTRO (free to view) through TEST 2.   To ensure maximum value, after your child finishes each  of the 6 “Tricks” (following the INTRO clip) your child should demonstrate  Mastery  of the given “Trick” by  clicking  on  the  PRACTICE button  found below the viewing window of the particular “Trick” video clip just completed.  Assurance  of such  Mastery  will prove priceless for Rapid Mastery of Multi-Digit Division. (Note: At the end of each Trick clip, if you are in Full Screen mode you will need to exit Full Screen mode in order to find the  PRACTICE  button below the viewing window — OR — simply click on the corresponding  “PRACTICE RIBBON”  shown in the Tutorial heading “Drop Down”.)

The 6 “TRICKS” (and their respective PRACTICE RIBBONS) (1) NINE Trick, (2) FIVE Trick, (3) 3 SISTERS & BEST FRIEND, (4) 8,7-TRIANGLE, (5) VOTERS and (6) DREAMY-GOLD-TEENAGE-CHICKEN-PICKIN’-CHEERS.  Have FUN! 

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