WELCOME !  —  to what may well become the inaugural site of the first online “Math Town Hall for America’s Kids’ Academic Future” and  home to the world’s  fastest   Kid-friendly Times Table mastery system ever devised  —   1-HR.  Times Table Tricks® (formally documented 1991 pioneer of the general Rhyme-, Storyline- and Numeracy-based Cartoon Mnemonic Times Table Mastery strategy).

Mastery of the Times Table is the sole portal  to all mathematics  beyond simple addition and subtraction.

Times Table Tricks®  — the original pioneer — belongs to America’s kids!

For unprecedented acclaim of sheer speed of mastery and  long-term retention —   Please see the  FULL-Letterhead Testimonial and Newspaper Article Library .


Just  how  effective   IS   Times  Table  Tricks®  ?

 1,000 people showed up from all over Alaska …”      (Testimonial #1)

 We have seen preschoolers master the basics of the times tables in a brief two hour session.”  (Testimonial #2)

“ For the first time in my teaching career … a tool to master this skill in a clearly unique and fun way.”  (Testimonial #3)

  Phoenix …  I was very impressed with your methodology and how well my 3rd grade daughter is retaining what she learned … I am a parent representative … asked to get in touch … if you would be available to be the “main attraction” at our 3rd and 4th grade Family Math night.”  (Testimonial #5)

 … Denver … Your [ “Times Table Tricks®” ] program came to my attention … students … and teachers … a unique, effective and fun approach to mastering [the Times Table] … I’m writing today to inquire if you have used video or broadcast TV to expose students and families to your methods, and if you have not, to see if you would have an interest in exploring the potential of doing so.”    (Testimonial #6)

 … your [ “Times Table Tricks”® ] … certainly captivated your audience for nearly 2 hours … still fielding calls asking about getting your book … You are obviously, and very successfully, teaching a math skill that these children are in need of and parents want taught.”     (Testimonial #8)

 … students with amazing accuracy and speed.  And, most of these Second Graders could be considered ‘at risk’ “.  (Testimonial #9)

  students were motivated and excited by the rate they were able to learn … The students were pre- and post-tested … It was highly effective and a whole school year later the retention is amazing.”  (Testimonial #10)

 Perhaps most important is the success this method seems to have with minority children as well as all children … scoring in the lower quartile on standardized tests… The “black hole” of the times table and long division unfortunately separates many children in elementary school into those who can and those who can’t.  A first success could “snowball” and allow children to then begin to ponder the higher order … math which are all parents’ and teachers’ goals in math education. … This is the kind of success I have had for the last twenty years …”  (Testimonials #11 and #14)

  I attended the presentation on Multiplication by [Mr.B] that was on your show.  It was wonderful.  My daughter learned in 2 hours what I have, and her teachers have, been trying to teach her for 2 years.”  (Testimonial #15)

  this method works and nobody is paying any attention to us … no doubt these methods could be a huge success nationwide.”

(Community College of Denver’s TEC – West Youth Fair Chance)  See 2-page Denver Post Cover Story (Testimonial #17) and Newspaper Articles (Testimonials #18, #19, #20 and #21).

Please see the FULL-Letterhead Testimonial and Newspaper Article Library


THIS SITE  hopes to spark a national conversation leading to a nationwide resolve to emancipate every child from any possible anxiety of mathematics in life by rallying around a Total Overhall of the 27th-ranked U.S. Mathematics curricular paradigm (36th-ranked paradigm for U.S. high schools — PISA press release, 2013), an overhaul ushering in a mathematics renaissance for kids all across America (please see Manifesto for Change).  Precedent-setting, step-by-step solutions, this universal dream is no longer in the “planning” stages.  For example, 1-HR. Times Table instruction for kids as young as Kindergarteners (this site) as well as Calculus mainstreamed for grade school classrooms are already here (Testimonial Library, items #2 and #32, respectively)  — and have been since 1990!   They’re ready for a classroom near you.  Is your  school district ready?  

Unprecedentedly  conceptually complete   Times Table Tricks® is the undisputed 1990 pioneering leader in opposing agonizingly boring “drill” and protractedly cumbersome “skip counting” in deference to the   first time in recorded history  inventing of the incomparably effective use of “Thematically Meaningful” Rhyme-, Storyline- and Numeracy-based Pictorial Cartoon Mnemonics in both (1) Written Form as well as in (2) Large Auditorium Performances rapidly empowering kids with unprecedentedly long-term retention of Times Table Mastery (please see FULL-Letterhead Testimonial and Newspaper Article Library).  With it’s documented 1991 absolutely unique, complete, very Kid-friendly conceptual theoretical treatment, Times Table Tricks® is a perfect complement  to the increasingly nationally embraced Common Core Standards — a “uniformity” objective, sought by many for decades, now moving prominently toward anticipated nationwide adoption.  With its conceptually complete  yet succinct theoretical treatment and documentedly verifiable incomparable track record, Times Table Tricks® is  “already”   uniquely suited to dramatically accelerate the  “hoped-for”   objectives of the Multiplication and Division goals of the national Common Core Standards.

With all fortunes now hinging on the hoped-for-but-as-yet-untested , “Common Core” Standards, any documented  20-year acclaimed, legitimate assist should be hailed — not shunned, “sight-unseen” — by any  U.S. school district administration in power to cast (state by state) the fate of an entire nation’s future. Being on the “Right side of History”, after more than 2-decades of unprecedented  acclaim, continues to be a very comforting companion indeed.  America’s parents need to rally “together as one” and demand  that — after 2-decades — U.S. school districts must  stop stonewalling “outsider” revolutionary breakthroughs — and  get these kinds of results into the hands of our kids  —> NOW!  

First introduced to the state of Utah in 1991, Mr.B’s revolutionary 1-HR. Rhyme- and Storyline-based Cartoon Picture Mnemonic system of Rapidly Teaching Mastery of the Multiplication Table to very young children won instant acclaim by Utah’s largest school district. So compelling were the results of 2 days of intense scrutiny by the school district’s administration and principals alike that the district subsequently flew Mr.B back down from Alaska for a solid 2-week classroom showcase before a steady stream of key educators from throughout the Salt Lake Valley.  As a result of the power of this pioneering ground-breaking general strategy the district offered to publish the method and pay Mr.B royalties. (Since the method was but one of several proprietary ground-breaking strategies planned to be self-published for the nation’s children the district’s kind offer was nevertheless respectfully declined.)  (see History, “THE FIRST” U.S. SCHOOL DISTRICT ACCLAIM)

Contrary to claims by imitators:   Times Table Tricks® is, in fact,  the  formally documented  undisputed 1991  pioneer of the succinct, yet conceptually complete, 1-HR. Rhyme-,  Storyline- and Numeracy-based “Thematically Meaningful” Cartoon Mnemonic Times Table mastery strategy.  As a direct result, since the early ’90s, among ALL other Times Table mastery strategies currently in existence, Mr.B continues to maintain the sole unique distinction  of being invited as a guest on several Radio and T.V. talk shows, repeated guest appearances on Children’s TV programming and his Times Table Tricks® method was the focus of several Prime Time TV Evening News special reports as well as featured (along with his other math programs) in various Newspaper Articles, including a two-page Cover Story in the Denver Post — and for over 2 decades even honored by others trying their hand at imitating his revolutionary groundbreaking strategy as a result of its unprecedented efficacy.  No Other Times Table Mastery System in Existence Even Remotely Approximates Such an Extensive Legacy of High Profile Attention as that Acclaimed for the 1990 Pioneering Torchbearer — Times Table Tricks®.

4 KEY POINTS to be made here:

1. Math is non-subjective.  EVERY child is a champion with each victory!  It’s an inspiringly confidence-confirming message for students that allows them to mutually nurture each other in the learning process instead of competing.  The language of math should flow in the same way as we speak.  It’s simply symbolic shorthand having to do with quantities.  An early Rapid Mastery of the Times Table  will provide an enormous academic catapult forward for every young child in America — a stellar victory that will remain a powerful force throughout their lives.

2. “Multiplication” is when the “same thing keeps happening.”  It’s everywhere!   Rapid, Long-Term Mastery of the Multiplication Table is the  sole portal  to ALL mathematics beyond simple addition and subtraction.  Since math is the only  truly non-subjective subject in school (science depends on presumed models ) math is uniquely  suited to help every child in the country gain a powerful sense of self-confidence and do it in a way that leads to their wanting to serve others.  What better way to launch a child’s career in math than with a highly acclaimed 1-hr. Times Table Cartoon Mnemonic — Times Table Tricks®.

Let  Times Table Tricks®  into 27th-ranked U.S. classrooms!

3.  For years other industrialized nations have outperformed U.S. students in math.  Mr.B has long maintained that much of the difficulty kids have had in school is due in large part to their not having been effectively served.  Mr.B doesn’t blame teachers.  Goodness knows we already have the  best people in the vast majority of our nation’s classrooms.  No doubt about that!  Mr.B has long held that the problem is the curriculum.   Despite the very best efforts by both parents and teachers to impart mastery of the Times Table to our children such efforts are always met with a major log-jam in U.S. elementary math education. 

Far too great of a percentage of our kids never truly master this pivotal skill in time to remain mathematically on par with their peers and this trailing disadvantage invariably remains right up through middle school and on through high school graduation and beyond.  For example, any student in America not allowed  to enter 7th. grade in Algebra I  (typically 7 out of 8 U.S. students prevented  from doing so — check your own school district’s statistics) will be locked-in-track  to graduate high school without  AP Statistics (and even some without  AP Calculus as well) on their transcripts as compared with the other “1 out of 8”, thereby greatly compromising their chances for (1) acceptance into a college of their choice  and (2) receiving top college scholarships (not to mention failure to be globally  on par with their international peers) — all because of insufficient elementary school math preparation of the basics by 6th. grade. (All  of this preparation should easily be managed for all children in a classroom setting in less than a single year at the 3rd. grade level.) For over 2 decades Mr.B’s offers to freely demonstrate the power behind the stellar accolades of his Times Table Tricks® method (Please see FULL-Letterhead Testimonial and Newspaper Article Library) have been consistently ignored by 100 of the largest U.S. school districts.  (Was your  child a frustrated, struggling student in one of these school districts?)

4.  U.S. teachers have been doing a good job teaching math application, but the curriculum  (a) is bereft of a proper grammatical foundation,  (b) fails to correctly address math concepts and  (c) maintains a deep and pervasive widespread failure to “seamlessly derive”  even a small minority —  never mind all  — presented formulaic results forming the conceptual body of mathematics.  Completely  “seamlessly derived” concept-driven results form the foundations of ALL of Mr.B’s acclaimed strategies and curricula developed over the last 40 years.

AT LAST :  After more than 2-decades, ignored by the nation’s “education” establishment — now kids, their parents and the property tax paying voters up and down the neighborhood streets of America at last have a point of excellence around which we can all rally — namely, our Kids and  (as seen on TV) the parent, teacher, principal, municipal librarian, corporate and media acclaimed 1-HR.  Times Table Tricks®  instruction method that started it all (1990).

As parent, let your  voice be heard:    Let  Times Table Tricks®  into 27th-ranked U.S. classrooms!


As a result of the current math “education” in America, our children now rank 27th internationally (DOWN,  from last year’s abysmal international rank of 25th as reported by many disparate sources ).

THE PROBLEM:   Over 25% of our nation’s youth drop out of high school.  Our nation has not solved this problem.  Math is the only truly non-subjective academic subject and stunningly effective innovations at any juncture in the math education paradigm is therefore ideally suited to make major contributions in stemming the tide of this tragic loss of national treasure of lost future leaders.

As we all realize, there is no progress in math education beyond simple Addition and Subtraction until the Multiplication Table is Mastered.  Year after year, throughout our nation’s homes and schools, the sheer boredom and frailties of the decades-old “state of the art” Multiplication Table instructional methods (dull, boring, brute-force rote memorization of flash cards — electronic or otherwise — as well as hopelessly, protractedly cumbersome “skip-counting”) have proven disappointing in their failure to rapidly catapult (en masse) our children through a memorably exciting mastery and long-term-retention of this absolutely pivotal skill serving as the sole portal through which a lifetime of math and science excellence may only be achieved.

( Unaware of Times Table Tricks® —  all too often, with a brooding sense of defeat, many of our nation’s 3rd and 4th grade teachers simply pass out calculators or Multiplication Table answer grids.  This is obviously not the option we should pursue. )

A SPECIFIC SOLUTION:   A dramatic, early victory in math — Kid-friendly FUN, Extremely Rapid Mastery of the Multiplication Table — will go a long way in completely revolutionizing the math education landscape across the nation and provide a heretofore missing crucial point of departure toward academic excellence that students otherwise destined to “drop out” might never experience.  Literally, for the first time in recorded history (1990), a truly revolutionary method, Times Table Tricks® for Rapid Mastery of the Times Table using RHYME, STORYLINE and NUMERACY-based CARTOON MNEMONICS, typically in 1-4 hrs (often with children as young as Kindergarten age) has become a parent, teacher and media acclaimed sensation.                                         ( Please see FULL-Letterhead Testimonial and Newspaper Article Library )

Remaining the 1-HR. “gold standard”
since its invention in 1990 — this unique Rhyme- and Storyline-based grammatically correct, conceptually complete Times Table strategy can be expected to soon become  “America’s Method of Choice”  for rapidly empowering our nation’s young children through a dramatic early victory in their lifelong love of math.      Let  Times Table Tricks®  into 27th-ranked U.S. classrooms!

( Please see FULL-Letterhead Testimonial and Newspaper Article Library )

Now your  children can participate in this math renaissance
destined to sweep our country — at very long last!

So, Round Up the Kids and Let’s Get Started !

Please support Mr.B’s

2014  “Every Child a Times Table Champion by Year’s End”  campaign
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Please have your child respond out loud — interactively — to Mr. B’s promptings throughout this program, proceeding through the Tutorial clips of the TUTORIALS Drop-Down (in order) from INTRO (free to view) through TEST 2.   To ensure maximum value, after your child finishes each  of the 6 “Tricks” (following the INTRO clip) your child should demonstrate  Mastery  of the given “Trick” by clicking on the PRACTICE button found below the viewing window of the particular “Trick” video clip just completed.  Assurance  of such  Mastery  will prove priceless for Rapid Mastery of Division.  (Note: At the end of each Trick clip, if you are in Full Screen mode you will need to exit Full Screen mode in order to find the  PRACTICE  button below the viewing window — OR — simply click on the corresponding  “PRACTICE RIBBON”  shown in the Tutorial heading “Drop Down”.)

The 6 “TRICKS” (and their respective PRACTICE RIBBONS) (1) NINE Trick, (2) FIVE Trick, (3) 3 SISTERS & BEST FRIEND, (4) 8,7-TRIANGLE, (5) VOTERS and (6) DREAMY-GOLD-TEENAGE-CHICKEN-PICKIN’-CHEERS.     Have FUN!             ( Suggested website improvements from Moms and Dads are very  gratefully appreciated! )


For School District Licensing / Inservices / Special  1-Week  “Get It DONE!”    District-wide (All 2nd Graders and above) Intensive Start-to-Finish   “Times Table Mastery”  Campaigns (Classroom Live-Feed or Tutorial Streaming, Assemblies, Inservice),

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