Author Brent Hughes

Benjamin (Brent) Hughes (“Mr.B”) is, first and foremost, a life-long advocate for children! After 2 years in a M.A./Ph.D. program at a major university back in the early ’70s pursuing a career in Molecular Biology/(Pediatric) Cancer Research , Brent saw the writing on the wall — he wanted to work “in the trenches” directly with the world’s children — especially the most vulnerable and “at risk”. A life-long yearning to seek out all struggling children so as to “lighten their load” in life became such an overwhelming obsession as to drive his decision to leave a world of adults (as noble a calling as basic cancer research is with fellow adults) and to sacrifice everything to strive to empower ALL children in the one way which assures “ALL” children are “Champions” — mastering the bedrock fundamental empowerment of mathematics (and Brent’s profound love for basic science) for all children for life. Thus was born his unswerving resolve to develop an Advanced College-Level Mathematics and Science Curriculum specifically designed for typical, excited young children ( Please see, for example, FULL-Letterhead Testimonial and Newspaper Article Library items #5, #15, #17, #18 and # 32 ) and for the younger children, Rapid Mastery of Stacks of Multi-digit Addition (8-digit numbers), Multi-Digit Subtraction (8-digit numbers), Multi-digit Multiplication (5-digit times 8-digit) and Multi-digit Division (3-digit into 8-digit) in characteristically as little as 1-4 hrs. each, and as young as Kindergarten (again, please visit the FULL Letterhead Testimonial and Newspaper Article Library).

As an offshoot of that life mission, an unexpected renaissance was born in mathematics for youth when the destinies of Little Tina P. and Brent crossed paths in Anchorage, Alaska on that sunny Spring Saturday back in 1990. That morning a sea-change in the single most pivotal mathematics instructional skill with which children for millennia had struggled was born:  Rapid Mastery of the Times Table by a novel strategy — RHYME, STORYLINE and NUMERACY-based highly-engaging Cartoon Mnemonics: “Times Table Tricks”®, with rapid mastery within hours (as opposed to the customary weeks, months, years or, in some cases, never).  For frustrated kids, parents and teachers alike,  “Times Table Tricks”® rapidly gained a groundswell reputation not only for the sheer dynamically interactive fun, rapidity and long-term retention of the Times Table (see, for example, Testimonial Library items #3, #9, #10 and #14), but, in addition, a completely precedent-setting thoroughness of theory  as well — a colorfully cartoon-illustrated Kid-friendly “text book”  in every  sense of the word, dramatically distinguishing his completely revolutionary pioneering method from all other subsequent imitations. Unmatched as of the original date of this website publication, such carefully rationalized theoretical treatment, instantly grasped by very young children, was unknown to classroom instruction or any dated curricula previously published.  Finally, this revolutionary, watershed breakthrough, Times Table Tricks®, is now available to all the world’s English-speaking children via a very modest online subscription for 1 month — a vastly excessive time frame, more than ample with this pioneering strategy.  (Please see the entire FULL-Letterhead Testimonial and Newspaper Article Library).  With Brent’s attention to detail (etymology, correct grammar, etc.), the Times Table Tricks® method remains untouched and unmatched even today, over 2 decades later despite numerous subsequent imitation attempts, accumulating year by year, now in the market place. After 40 years of daily pursuit, Brent continues to be committed to completely revolutionizing the mathematics curriculum not just in the U.S. but to the furthest reaches of desperate need worldwide — especially “3rd. world” emerging democracies.

Join Brent’s clarion call for a Renaissance in Mathematics for America’s Kids — do your part to see to it that, in fact, every child in America (and beyond) Rapidly Masters the Times Table — by whatever means possible — by year’s end, 2019!